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Refugee Assistance Plea in Alexandria

Melanie Gray, Director of Outreach and Mission for Christ Church Alexandria, sent out an appeal on Friday, Oct. 15. Gray is the coordinator of a Refugee Ministry, composed of a group of community faith-based organizations. They have been working together to assist refugee families with everything from rental assistance to food, companionship and advice with navigating the daily challenges of American life. Continue reading "Refugee Assistance Plea in Alexandria"

How Hangry Panda Food Truck Is Dealing With The Pandemic

Food trucks like the Hangry Panda, which was settling into its second year of life, have been set back on their heels by the pandemic – and are struggling to recover. However, now the business people are working from home, and the residents are staying inside, so Hangry Panda has pivoted his locations to more apartments and residential communities to make up the shortfall. Continue reading "How Hangry Panda Food Truck Is Dealing With The Pandemic"
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