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7700 Tremayne Pl #213, McLean VA 22102 Listed

2 Bedroom Place in 22102 in Fairfax County For $325,000

Purchasing a home like 7700 Tremayne Pl #213 is often the most complex money expense a typical resident of Fairfax County will ever make. Furthermore, as a solid Realtor, Stuart Nesbitt will be a strong adviser who grasps the informational and emotional support that home buyers need when identifying and purchasing a home in McLean, Virginia. Moreover, there will be dangers to manage and overcome.  But, a real estate guru like Stuart can guide you to avoid most of the problems  associated with buying a home in McLean. Continue reading "7700 Tremayne Pl #213, McLean VA 22102 Listed"

2-BR $349,900 Condo In 22102: What To Expect

Photo of 7700 Tremayne #102 I'd like to talk about a trustworthy agent named Andrew Patton. Julie Nesbitt is a local agent specializing in Fairfax County. I like 7700 Tremayne #102. This condo in 22102 in McLean Virginia looks like a good value for several reasons. However, I'm not recommending you buy this property in particular. That's because, until I know your goals there is no way for me to know if this is the right home for you.
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
Continue reading "2-BR $349,900 Condo In 22102: What To Expect"

7720 Tremayne #213, McLean Real Estate Announcement

$332,500 ‧ McLean Virginia 22102

Well ... is 7720 Tremayne #213 the great residence for you? It could be. Conversely, you have to ask yourself these questions. Are you trying to find an affordable 2-bedroom condo in McLean, Virginia? Can you afford $332,500? Is it actually worth $405,000 or $295,000? Do you need 2 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $1,243 on this dream home? Not to mention, purchasing a home in the McLean area and staying on several years allows you and your family time to build long-lasting relationships within the Fairfax County community. Continue reading "7720 Tremayne #213, McLean Real Estate Announcement"

7651 Tremayne #113, McLean VA 22102 Listed For Sale

2 Bedroom in The Colonies For $329,950

Do you have reasons to be anxious when we're talking about $350,000 for a 2-bedroom property like 7651 Tremayne #113 in McLean? Perhaps, the furnishings won't fit. However, Nesbitt Realty can tell you how much living space is in any condo for sale. Of course, there are many pitfalls to avoid and overcome. But, a real estate professional comparable to Nesbitt Realty has the answers and can help reduce your worry from the buying process. Continue reading "7651 Tremayne #113, McLean VA 22102 Listed For Sale"

7621 Tremayne Pl #204, McLean VA 22102 On The Market

3 Bedroom in 22102 For $430,000

Will Nesbitt loves to work with property seekers shopping in Fairfax County because of choices such as 7621 Tremayne Pl #204. We'd love to help you find your next home. Contact us if any of these colonial homes like 7621 Tremayne Pl #204 interest you. Actually, many home shoppers might be amazed by what this home has in store for property hunters. Continue reading "7621 Tremayne Pl #204, McLean VA 22102 On The Market"

7621 Provincial #109, McLean VA 22102 Listed For Sale

Helpful Details for McLean, Virginia Purchasers Considering Northern Virginia?

Mid-Sized Condo For $335,000 in McLean

At a price of $335,000, 7621 Provincial #109, McLean VA is an intriguing residence compared to other propertys on the market now. But even so, compare this to the average square feet (1,170) of properties in The Colonies to get a sense of today's market. Continue reading "7621 Provincial #109, McLean VA 22102 Listed For Sale"

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