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What Is The Most Important Feature About Your Condo Purchase If You're Coughing Up $589,000?

Photo of 4416 34th St S #A2 Monika Ortiz is a local licensed real estate adviser and works hard everyday in and around properties in 22206. 4416 34th St S #A2 is appears to be a smart purchase for many reasons. But Monika Ortiz is not recommending you buy this property, or any particular condo in Arlington, Virginia. At least, not until I know your goals. It's more important to me that we find the right condominium for you. My goal in this write-up is to help you organize your needs, so that you can move forward in your real estate search. Have you taken the time to list and prioritize what you want from a condo in Arlington? Photo of 4416 34th St S #A2 Have you thought about:
  1. Does the hot-water heater matter to you? Do you prefer gas or electric? The most common hot-water heater at Fairlington Arbor is electric.
  2. Do you need to think about resale value? Do you know what places have sold for in Fairlington Arbor? Here's what has Recently sold at Fairlington Arbor.
  3. How much space do you need? How much space do you want? The average sized home in Fairlington Arbor is 915.
  4. Is the transportation network important to you? We'd be happy to tell you more about the Metro and transportation options not far from Fairlington Arbor.
Photo of 4416 34th St S #A2

How Much Do Similarly-Sized Condos Cost In 22206?

Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)2 Active
Choice (550001 to $650,000)1 Active

Similarly Priced

Nothing found
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