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Does Nesbitt Realty Offer A Down-Payment Assistance For Military Buyers Of $2,371 On 4834 28th St S #A1 Arlington VA 22206?

Photo of 4834 28th St S #A1 Considering purchasing a residence? Good. It's Nesbitt Realty's job to help. A VA loan will pay 100% of the property's value, but you still need to pay the cash at settlement. However, if you use me as your Realtor, Nesbitt Realty can make some of that go away. If you are buying and you have a military connection, one of your biggest hurdles you'll need to clear is your cash for your closing costs. That’s true whether you’re mulling over the idea of your own home in Arlington, Virginia or any other unit like this smaller unit in Fairlington at 4834 28th St S #A1. But Nesbitt Realty has a (partial) solution: I can benefit with your closing costs. Photo of 4834 28th St S #A1 What does that mean? By that I mean if you allow Nesbitt Realty to represent you as your agent when you buy a residence like this unit at 4834 28th St S #A1, then I will pay a credit of $2,371 toward your closing costs. Of course, details and restrictions apply. For example, this rebate cannot be stacked with other offers from Nesbitt Realty. Photo of 4834 28th St S #A1

Doesn't it make sense to use our help if it's there?

Photo of 4834 28th St S #A1 Nesbitt Realty is a reliable sage on real estate in 22206, and Nesbitt Realty works for a family-run brokerage. Do you like working with small family-businesses? Then you’ll love working with a Nesbitt Realty agent. Plus, Nesbitt Realty will pay a down-payment credit for service members of $2,371 toward your money for settlement fees. Please contact Nesbitt Realty for learn more about the details. $484,900 | 1 BR | 2 BA | 0 HB | 711 SQFT | 4834 28th St S #A1 Arlington 22206 VA | Fairlington | Thanks for your service and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. More about Military Transfers To Northern Virginia

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